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Catholic Ethos

Our vision to be a beacon of exceptional Catholic education means that as well as aspiring to academic success, schools in the St Benedict Catholic Academy Trust are underpinned by an authentic and strong Catholic ethos which ensures pupils also grow in faith. Our schools are where Gospel values are modelled and lived out and where Catholic education, Catholic life and Catholic leadership successfully combine.

  • Excellent teaching through the delivery of a broad and balanced curriculum which instils a love of learning and results in outstanding academic outcomes.
  • Collaboration across the trust schools to share excellent practice to support the delivery of a high quality Catholic education.
  • Chaplaincy at the centre of the Catholic life and mission of the trust, rooted in Catholic social teaching and resulting in outstanding provision for the faith and moral development of our pupils and education of the whole person.
  • Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching embedded in all schools to reflect a distinctive, outstanding and authentic Catholic education.
  • Opportunities for students to regularly demonstrate their faith in action through service to their school, parish and local community 
  • Staff, families and parishes actively involved in accompanying students in their education and faith journeys.
  • Strong network of school leaders working together to ensure the success of all schools within the trust.
  • Commitment to developing, recruiting and retaining Catholic leaders at all levels across our schools and in growing our own Catholic leaders for the future.
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Join us in our mission to live, learn, pray and celebrate together and to ensure our Catholic faith is seen by students, staff and families as a living thing essential to living a valued life.

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