News Posted - 6th November 2023

Bonus Pastor's Recent OFSTED Inspection 2023


I would like to thank every member of our school community for your amazing support during our recent Ofsted Inspection. We are delighted with the outcome. Please take the time to read our report using the link below.

Bonus Pastor Catholic College - Ofsted Report 2023

Some quotes from the report

‘Everything the school does is about helping to ensure that all pupils, regardless of their background or starting points, achieve the best they can.’ OFSTED 2023

‘The school’s values of respect, responsibility and ambition are reflected in everything the school does. These values describe the day-to-day experience of every pupil perfectly. Pupils recognise this and said that the school is a community in which they are kept safe.’ OFSTED 2023

‘High expectations are the norm, for pupils’ academic achievements and personal development and for maintaining high levels of attendance.’ OFSTED 2023.

God Bless

Mr J Ronan